Release date:Dec. 3, 2019

[December 10! ] Special event for one night only! Artists such as Masakatsu Takagi also participate!


To commemorate the 100th day of “Saitama Triennale 2020” starting on Saturday, March 14, 2020, we will hold an “100-day event”.
On the day of the event, all participating artists will be announced, as well as talk shows and stage performances by Masakatsu Takagi and Pleasure (FAIFAI). This is a one-night special event that allows you to experience the “Saitama Triennale 2020”, which is finally in full swing. Please visit us.


Program by a participation artist

"Saitama Triennale 2020" PR short movie musical charge: Talk show by Masakatsu Takagi

takagi masakatsu

Masakatsu Takagi (a musician and a picture, author) PR short movie musical charge

Born in Kyoto in 1979. A writer who works on both music using a piano that he has been familiar with for a long time and images such as “moving paintings” taken while traveling the world. In addition to film music for “Wolf Children's Rain and Snow”, “Kingdom of Dreams and Crazy”, “Children of the Bakemono”, and “Mirai of the Future”, he is active in a wide range of activities. His latest works are “Marginaria”, a collection of piano songs inviting nature, and “Kotoizu”, a book that summarizes six years of essays.

Highlight ②

Artist performance stage



Formed in 2008. A troupe active in Tokyo. While accessing the forefront of ever-changing media and art, “Drama” is updated, and a wide range of support is gained through messages that combine sociality with pop and soft humor. In 2009, he expanded his activities to Asia and the EU, and won the first Asian prize, ZKB Patronage Prize 2010, at the Zurich Theater Spectacle in Switzerland for his masterpiece “My name is I LOVEYOU”. It is also attracting international attention.

Photo: "Louis Louis" KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Grand Studio (2019)
Photo: Kazuya Kato

Ueno Yuji


Born in Kyoto in 1967 and lives in Tokyo. In 1988, he met Hiroshi Teshigawara's avant-garde “Ikebana” works and began studying flower arrangement. 2005-Started “Haneke” live performance at Gallery Maki. Participated in Arts Saitama and Kitamachi Festa in 2016. By reading the ground and selecting and using things and flowers, we continue to build a unique world of “Hanaike”. The unpredictable development of repeated creation and destruction has gained enthusiastic support from various fields.



A performance unit formed in 2016 by Miki Maki and Yo Otsuka. By co-creating with artists of various genres, it provides time to freely go back and forth between reality and non-reality.
2018 Koganecho AIR Residence Artist
Nakanojo Biennale performance artist in 2019.


Old Omiya Ward mural light up

We will carry out a light-up lighting ceremony on the wall surface of the former Omiya Ward Office. A huge mural appears at the former Omiya Ward Office and emerges in Omiya at night. Light-up lighting ceremony will be held by Mayor Shimizu Mayor Saitama (President of Saitama International Art Festival Executive Committee).


Announcement of artists participating in “Saitama International Art Festival 2020” by Director Toshiyama Toshiji


Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1984. Film director and producer. Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies, Waseda University. In 2012, the first feature film “NOT LONG, AT NIGHT-” was officially exhibited at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival , the largest international film festival in Asia. Get a rating. His latest work “Winter Butterfly” has won high acclaim overseas, including winning the Grand Prix at the 33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival Asia Competition. The art project “Akazaki Wednesday Post Office” served as director and director, and this project, which reused the former Akasaki Elementary School in the sea in Tsunami-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, has become a hot topic across the country. The project won the 2014 Good Design Award.

Date, venue, etc.

The date and time 2019 year December 10 Tuesday 16:00-20:00 (15:30 opening).
A meeting place Than an old Omiya ward office entrance (3-1, Daimoncho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi) Oomiya station east exit, 5 minutes on foot.
(There is no parking lot for specific users, so please use a public transportation.)
Additionally participation no charge and application unnecessary* entry and exit freedom


Program details on the day

* The schedule is subject to change. (In case of stormy weather, it may be canceled.)
15:30 Open
16:00 Opening
16:02 Announcement & theme of all participating artists and introduction of each project
16:20 Artist Talk [Masakatsu Takagi] ・ PR short movie screening
16:45 Artist Talk (Scheduled to be announced on 12/10)
17:10 Stage performance [Yuji Ueno]
17:35 Saitama Studies II Circulation Saitama Introduction
17:55 Stage Performance [DamaDamTal]
18:15 Old Omiya Ward mural light up
18:30 Stage performance [Faikai (FAIFAI)]
18:50 Citizen project introduction
19:10 Stage Performance [DamaDamTal]
19:25 PR short movie screening
19:30 Stage performance [Faikai (FAIFAI)]
19:50 Commemorative photo [Faithful (FAIFAI) and visitors taken together]
20:00 Closing


Advance tickets will be sold at the venue on December 10th. (With a novelty purchased on the day. It will end as soon as it is gone.) In addition, we will prepare warm drinks and cookies at the venue. (Ends as soon as it is gone.)