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November program information (Sightama Art Center Project)

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“Sightama Art Center Project” November program information

The Saitama Art Center Project is being implemented as a leading project for the Saitama International Art Festival 2020 to be held in March 2020.
We are planning a program with various genres of instructors this month, so please join us.

Special program

"Former Library Henshin Project Completion Show" Artist: YORIKO

November 4 (Monday, National Holiday) 13: 00-19: 00
November 13 (Wednesday) 13: 00-17: 00
Friday, November 15 from 13:00 to 17:00
November 16 (Saturday) 13: 00-16: 00
[Venue] Former Omiya Library
The lecture room of the former Omiya Library will be transformed into a place where visitors can have a pleasant and enjoyable time during the festival.
Let's create together a colorful space that looks like a big book using wood and cloth. Anyone who likes DIY and manufacturing is welcome!

Free entry and exit, possible in one day or several hours. Please participate in easy-to-work clothes. On November 16th, there will be a completion show and launch.
* November 4, 13, and 15 are programs for supporters. To participate, you need to register for “Boratama”. For details, please check

Take a deep breath on Wednesday

Appearance on "Wednesday Opening Ceremony": Miki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Aoki and others

[Date / Time] November 13 (Wednesday) from 19:00 to 21:00
[Venue] Former Omiya Library underground theater
The explanation of the program “Wednesday with deep breath” starting at the former Omiya Library, introduction and demonstration of participating artists.
“Wednesday Deep Breathing” is a program that is held quietly on Wednesday evening on the old Omiya Library and a small underground theater.
We carry out under the concept that we want to create a “day to face and arrange breathing” in daily time.

I hope that this opening ceremony will be a day of excitement as a preparatory movement to welcome unique artists every other week! ! Hiroshi Aoki has prepared a carefully prepared acoustic and sound field environment for “Wednesday Deep Breathing” and is waiting for your participation.

"Performance by violin and phoenix" Artist: strings um

[Date / time] Wednesday, November 27, 19: 00-21: 00
[Venue] Former Omiya Library underground theater
Performed by a string duo by a couple of artists strings um Takashi Shinmura and Yasuko Ishibiki.
Please enjoy the stage that delivers the sound of the instrument itself through classic works and improvisation.
[Artist Profile]
2018: CD “requiem” released on label by designer Osamu Saruyama
・ Shinmura Takayoshi (violin)
Born in Saitama Prefecture. He has a strong interest in the effects of violin sounds on mind and memory.
While staying close to the venue, we will create the sound of that time only. He also performs with dances, paintings and flower arrangements.
Original CD “scenes” released on the label by designer Osamu Saruyama (2016).
・ Yasuko Ishibiki (琵琶, piano)
Graduated from Tokyo College of Music piano major. Encountered Tsuruta Ryugo while studying and studied with Norio Tanaka.
While looking at classics, he is searching for performances that transcend the boundaries of the West and the East.
Perform music composition and arrangement.

The theme of this year's art festival is “flowers”, and it will be an opportunity to get close to “colorful” events and artistic expressions during the period.
Please find a lot of flowers that will be a new experience!

Art School on Friday

“Let's make use of my point of view to communicate the charm of art and the city on SNS!” Lecturer: So Akimoto

[Date] Friday, November 15, 19: 00-21: 00
[Venue] Old Omiya Library
Mr. Akimoto is working on articles that convey information on social activities and the appeal of local communities.
In this course, you will learn "skills that convey art and the appeal of the city from your own perspective" by taking care and interest in transmitting information through SNS.

[Lecturer Profile]
Born in Tokyo in 1982. Since 2007, when she is a graduate student, she has supported non-profit organizations as a coordinator at the Saitama City Citizen Activity Support Center. Since 2016, he has been involved in projects related to town development such as support for information dissemination, event management, human resource development for non-profit organizations, and networking. Writer, NPO Saitama Information Center Secretary General, BABA Lab Staff, Urawa Keizai Shimbun Reporter. My hobbies are drawing and watching soccer.

I think the opportunity to come in contact with art is very precious. There are different ways to enjoy watching, listening, creating, and talking. I will also enjoy myself.

"Art Appreciation Laboratory vol.1- Let's talk about the roots of art" Lecturer: Seiji Shinohara

[Date] Friday, November 29, 19: 00-21: 00
[Venue] Old Omiya Library
The first in the laboratory to study the art and the idea of ​​transmission, with Mr. Shinohara, curator of Ashikaga City Museum of Art. Share experiences with viewing workshops at local museums and schools with participants. 12/27 (Fri) 2nd “Let's write and convey art”, 2/15 (Sat) 2020 3rd “One-day experience / art tour conductor”.

[Lecturer Profile]
Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1965. Graduated from Tama Art University in 1988. After working for the gallery, he presided over the Gallery ART SPACE from 1992 to 2005 in Jingumae, Tokyo. In addition to his own gallery, he organizes numerous exhibitions such as contemporary art and photography at galleries and museums in various locations. Published an art criticism magazine "Infans" since 1998. Curator of Ashikaga City Museum of Art since 2009. "Gallery of Art Gallery-Asakawa Collection and Japanese Art from the 1960s and 1980s" (2012), "Poet and Art, Shuzo Higuchi's Surrealism Exhibition" (2013), "Life Teno Poetry Poet Gozo Yoshimasu" Year). In charge of educational dissemination in conjunction with exhibition planning. In addition to modeling workshops, since 2014, he has been engaged in art appreciation through dialogue, and has held appreciation workshops at museums and schools around the world.

The various works that color the art festival include the memories and thoughts of the creator, as well as the time to completion. When you face the work, please try not only to shape and color, but also to the creator's feelings.

Art Challenge on Saturday

“Former Omiya Library, Dai, Sue, and Shun! (First part) for Borderless Art Enjoyment” Coordinator: NPO Cookie Project

[Date] Saturday, November 23, 13: 00-16: 30
[Venue] Old Omiya Library
I want to enjoy art together! But cliffs standing in front of wheelchairs, pitfalls ... How do we challenge the continuation of steep roads? A great adventure that walks through the former Omiya Library. I would like to think about ways to enjoy art together from the various discoveries I gained. Everyone is welcome. (The second part is 12/7 Saturday 13: 00-16: 30)

[Coordinator Profile]
The NPO Cookie Project believes that a society where people with disabilities, students, freeters, adults and children live together is a fun place. At the “Saitama Art Action Exhibition” scheduled to be held from January 24 to March 24, 2020, Decoppa! (= Decorated slippers) will be on display.

Mr. H's wheelchair cannot go upstairs. The elevator box is too small to ride, and you cannot come to the venue. Can you think about how you can enjoy the art festival together? Please lend us your wisdom!

“SACP Trading Card Production Workshop vol.2” Lecturer: Sightama Art Center Project Team

[Date] Saturday, November 30 from 13:00 to 16:30
[Venue] Old Omiya Library
The Sightama Art Center Project produces trading cards that allow you to enjoy the project. We will create and play ideas about the cards of Saitama City, Saitama City people, and international art festivals. A basic starter pack is presented to participants. Think about art festivals and regions while playing with the cards.

Let's rediscover the fun of everyday thoughts and personal fun through the creation of trading cards! Parents and children are welcome! Please bring colored pencils and writing utensils.

"Project Coordinator" Special Program

“Learn how to improve your photographic skills-Let's convey your message with photos!” Lecturer: ASAMI Shunya

[Date and time] November 24th (Sunday) from 13:00 to 16:30
[Place] Old Omiya Library
A workshop where you can learn while enjoying the knowledge and skills of photographic expression. Take a photo while doing fieldwork and find the theme you want to express.

[Lecturer Profile]
Artist, photographer, modeling workshop designer. Born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in 1982. Currently living in Saitama Prefecture. Graduated from Bunkyo University, Faculty of Education in 2006. While producing photographs (photograms) that do not use a camera with the theme of "time" and "memory", workshops are held throughout the country to convey the appeal of these works. He thinks that working with both “creating” and “providing” is his own artistic activity, and he is energetically creating “places” and “time” that create the creativity of creators and viewers in both directions. To create. Served as a citizen project coordinator at the Saitama Triennale 2020.

《Message to participants》
Today, everyone can take and share photos with the spread of smartphones. Let's improve your skills from casual photography to transmission! Please bring your own film or digital camera. (If you don't have one, you can also participate on a smartphone.)

* For past event information, please see the following syllabus.

syllabus vol.1