Art and Walk, Saitama

Mar. 11, 2020 - Jun. 25, 2020

Urawa area

Splash Sight:Exhibition

More than 200 artists exhibit their works at 50 venues such as public facilities, stores and houses, mainly in Urawa-ku, Sakura-ku and Midori-ku. A project that can be enjoyed as a walk around the city.

Cherry blossom season

The program will be held from Urawa-ku to Sakura-ku, mainly during the spring break from the end of March to the beginning of April. Please enjoy the contest of cherry blossoms in full bloom and contemporary art.

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Exhibition list

Urawa Town 2020

3/12 Thu. - 5/17 Sun.

Futabadou glasses shop etc.

[Gallery Selection]
HIROSAWA Hitoshi Exhibition

3/28 Sat. - 4/18 Sat.

Gallery Yanagisawa

[Gallery Selection]
sowing seeds paintings HAYASHI Yuka solo exhibition

Postponed / Period undecided (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)


[Gallery Selection]
KUZUU Yuko Exhibition

3/19 Thu - 31 Tue

Japanese tea cafe, gallery rafu

[Gallery Selection]
In spring, both children and adults can see, touch and play with art! Sculpture Spring Festival 2020

3/17 Tue. - 4/28 Tue.

Gallery Ken (1st floor of Urawa Institute of Design)

[Gallery Selection]
Machikoko's cutting picture exhibition

3/23 Mon. - 4/5 Sun.

Gallery Saikosha

Asking Art-Workshop Collection Exhibition

5/8 Fri. - 5/13 Wed.

Urawa Museum Exhibition Rooms A and B

-ing NOW- Exhibition vol 7

3/31 Tue. - 4/5 Sun.

Urawa Museum Exhibition Rooms C and D

Canceled (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

I met somewhere 2020

3/27 Tri. - 4/5 Sun.

Saitama hall third exhibition room


Saitama Kaikan Esplanade Exhibition 2020

3/20 Fri. - 5/17 Sun.

Saitama Kaikan Esplanade (outdoor garden, open space)


SGUBUYA Kazuyoshi Exhibition

3/11 Wed. - 4/12 Sun.

STAND COFFEE Kotokoto gallery-Ⓑ

Paused (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

Present blue diagram-Saitama 2020-

3/28 Sat. - 4/5 Sun.


Flower-Re-born Art Exhibition

4/1 Wed. - 4/5 Sun.

Sakura Environment Center Sakura Lounge (1F), Sakura Square (2F)

Camera space experience and tour with rear carmera

Postponed / Period undecided (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

Saitama University Faculty of Education Como Bldg.

Spring CAF.N Exhibition 2020

3/31 Tue. - 4/5 Sun.

Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, General Exhibition Room 1

Canceled (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

Fresh green season

Mainly during consecutive holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May. We carry out from Urawa Ward to Midori Ward, Minuma Ward. Why don't you look for works of art scattered throughout the sunbeams?

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Exhibition List

Social Arts / Unit Urs “Borders”

4/29 Wed. - 5/6 Wed.

Minuma Tsusenbori Park etc.

[Gallery Selection]
Gallery Pepin 5th Anniversary
Masukata Masako Solo Exhibition -air-

4/23 Thu. - 6/2 Thu.

Gallery Pepin

Historic buildings and contemporary art

4/29 Wed. - 5/6 Wed.

Urawa Museum of Traditional Architecture etc.

Unki Kairyu - Message 21

4/29 Wed. - 5/10 Sun.

Minuma Healthy Land

World of Fairy tale

3/14 Sat. - 5/17 Sun.

mokkinkan Kinomori Museum of Art

Enochada Exhibition "Shell Case"

4/29 Wed. - 5/6 Wed.

Plaza East

The event of vibration

4/29 Wed. - 5/6 Wed.

Saitama CityYouth Astronomical Museum

Satellite exhibition and symposium

Satellite exhibition

In mid-March, the “Art and Walk, Saitama” will begin around Plaza North in Kita Ward. In the spring sunshine, artworks blossom all at once.


Artistic activities, such as projects, records, criticism, etc., are made in collaboration with those who work around. In this symposium, we will consider the environment for establishing artistic activities.

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[Satellite exhibition]
Arts Saitama / Kitamachi Festa Vol.6

3/19 Thu. - 24 Tue.

Plaza North gallery

[Symposium I]
"Artist-led art project" its history, meaning and potential

4/19 Sun.

Annex Sight

[Symposium II]
Event "Invisible experience, unorganized body"

5/5 Tue., 6 Wed., 7 Thu.

Annex Sight

[Symposium III]
Public reset

5/10 Sun.

Annex Sight

Related events

Guided tour

We will show you the venue where the work was exhibited and the historical buildings and public sculptures you can see in the city.
At the venue where the exhibitors are located, they will explain their works.

3/29 Sun., 4/4 Sat., 5/2 Sat.

Capacity: 20 people, free of charge ※ Application required in advance

Decorate the city

3/26 Thu. - 4/7 Tue.

Saitama Takasago Elementary School West Fence

Canceled (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)

Urawajuku Tatemono 50

3/27 Fri. - 4/5 Sun.

Saitama Kaikan Exhibition Room Lobby


Creating a "guide map"

With the cooperation of the Saitama Shimbun, citizen reporters will create and distribute a map of the highlights of the "art and city tour business" that can be enjoyed by citizens from the viewpoint of citizens. In addition to being featured in the Saitama Shimbun, it will be printed out and distributed at each venue.

For more information on the art and city tour business, please click the link below.

citizen project