ABOUTSaitama Triennale 2020 outline

March 14 – May 17, 2020
Main Venue:
Former Omiya ward office building, etc.

TOYAMA Shoji (Film director)

Shoji Toyama was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1984. Film director, producer. He received his MA in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies from Waseda University in Tokyo.
In 2012, he directed his first narrative film “Our Night is Not Long”. The film was shown and well received in the Japanese Eye Competition division at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2012, one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. His most recent film “Winter’s Butterfly”, won The Best Asian Film Award at the Teheran International Short Film Festival 2016, making him highly acclaimed internationally.
He became the Director General of the art project “Akasaki Wednesday Post Office”. Set in the former Akasaki Elementary School in Tsunagi- machi in Kumamoto prefecture, the project was talked about all over Japan and received the Good Design Award 2014.

SERIZAWA Takashi (Executive director of P3 art and environment)
TANAKA Iichiro(Contemporary artists)
Saitama Triennale Executive Committee


The children are walking on the path in the rice fields. As the canola flower petals start to fall, cherry blossoms reach full bloom. I wonder if the children are heading for hanami (flower viewing)?

People have always loved and had emotions of saudade for beautiful, seasonal blooming flowers on this land.
Since long ago, flowers are presented in various art forms capturing the hearts of people and, at times, life itself can be seen in flower beds and gardens reflecting the hopes in people.
Flowers have the ability to speak from the heart in all occasions – new birth, twists and turn in life, and death.
Flowers may look ordinary at a glance yet their warmness accommodates all kinds of art expression in different ways and circumstances.

Sow seeds, sprouts germinate.
Plant seedlings, flowers bloom.
Flower petals fall, seeds remain.

The life cycle of a flowering plant brings us new life.
Flowers are not only patterns but themes.
Flowers are not objects nor equipment with a life span.
If you shift your focus on the relationship between yourself and the existence of flowers, a scenery of flowers will appear on your own consciousness.
Weather if it is the small flowers you see on the roadsides, the bouquet you would give to somebody, or the cherry blossoms the children are heading, they are the flower sceneries in the lives of people.

Flowers travel across the sea by wind and birds.
Through butterflies and bees, flowers bloom at new homeland over the fields and mountains creating a new scenic view.
Flower scenic views are borne with the help of all pollinators.
Artists from within the country and overseas travel across rivers, over mountains, and across the seas to come to the city of Saitama for the Saitama Triennale.
They are the wind, birds, butterflies, and bees – pollinators who create the flower scenic views.
Saitama City shall become a new scenery as artists unfold the various expressions of flowers.
With exhibitions planned to be held in 2020, from mid-March to mid-May, it is also the season for flower blossoms and new green leaves sprouting.
The Saitama Triennale aims to be an art festival not only catering for individual art projects but also serving as one comprehensive art space like beds of unique flowers blossoming within the city.

Shoji Toyama(Movie Director)


Cherry blossoms reach peak blossom in April in Saitama City.
Other flowers are also found throughout the city where urban and nature blend together.
Flowers, also the theme of Saitama Triennale.
Various flowers (artworks and sceneries) will be born in 2020.

The logo of the art festival is an image depicting butterflies savoring each flower, and art and lifestyle in Saitama become an ART SITE itself, hence the slogan ART SIGHTAMA.

The butterfly is placed in the center of the scenery of urban and nature, art and lifestyle, and artists and local resident connecting ART and SIGHTAMA when multiplied together.
This butterfly logo colors the Saitama Triennale like the sparkling cyan prefectural butterfly, the green hairstreak, flying around from flower to flower.

This spring, I hope you will take a stroll and find many flowers at the art festival.

Scheduled period : 2020 March 14(Sat.) - May 17(Sun.)
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