HOO. Landscape and food works

風景と食設計室 ホー

Main Sight:Exhibition / Event

HOO. Landscape and food works "The story of the table for life", 2018, Culture City of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa, "Altering Home", Kanazawa Kurashi no Museum, Kanazawa / Photo: Hiroko Takeda


HOO. Landscape and food works

Photo: Hiroko Takeda

HOO. Landscape and food works is based in Tokyo and the Toyama prefecture (Imizu city). It is a unit by TAKAOKA Tomomi and NAGAMORI Shikino that works with the philosophy, “A distant landscape and a spoonful of soup – the world and the palm of one’s hand is connected. Cooking that brings about subtle changes to the outcome of transforming substances. Landscape design that unfolds as if imagining one’s path home. To imagine what lies beyond landscapes and food, connecting them together. Creating something that is embedded in the everyday, yet is also a special and unique experience of time and space.” The unit has been working together since March 2012 after previously working for a landscape design company. Looking at food from the perspective of scenery, culture, and society, they create installations that people can only experience then and there. Their work encompasses a variety of activities from food presentations to art projects, and design.