Japan Philharmonic Orchestra


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"Classical Radio Calisthenics", 2017, ©NPO Invisible / Photo: Hajime Kato


Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) is a Japanese symphony orchestra based in Tokyo, founded by WATANABE Akeo who served as its first Chief Conductor. Their activities focus on three key areas: orchestra concerts, regional activities, and educational programs. Organizing concerts centering on its array of world-class conductors including, Chief Conductor Pietari INKINEN, Conductor Laureate Alexander LAZAREVE, Honorary Conductor Laureate KOBAYASHI Kenichiro, and Permanent Conductor YAMADA Kazuki, the philosophy of the orchestra is to “transmit culture through music.” Since April 2011, members of the orchestra have visited the Tohoku region to voluntarily perform for people living in the disaster-stricken areas. 293 of such concerts have been held as of January 2020, with further visits and activities planned for the future. For over 40 years the JPO has held a family concert series every summer, as well as an annual concert tour in every prefecture of the Kyushu region. While cherishing values of “being close to the people” and offering “kindness and warmth,” the orchestra aims to utilize the various powers of music as a means to contribute to society, to all people, to generations, and to the community.