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USUI Yui "gastronomy map", 2018, fabric, thread / Photo: Togo Kashu



USUI Yui creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional works using familiar materials such as fabric, while focusing on handcraft techniques. In her works "shadow of a coin" (2013-2018) and "shadow work" (2012-2016) that contemplates issues of gender inequality, she highlights various housework that women have come to undertake in the process of modernization as "unseen" work / shadows. Throughout her practice she engages in efforts to interpret and understand society, culture, and history from numerous angles centering on perspectives of women and work, producing works that serve to generate relationships and criticism regarding these concerns. USUI is a recipient of the 2018 VOCA Award.
She has recently presented works at exhibitions including, "Aichi Triennale 2019: Taming Y/Our Passion" (Aichi), "Assembridge Nagoya" (Aichi, 2018/2019), and "Women Imagining Rooms: About the Diary of Lady Sarashina" Ichihara Lakeside Museum (Chiba, 2019). Her major solo exhibitions include, "Yui Usui" Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino Showcase Gallery (Yokohama, 2017) and "shadow work" Kurumayama Museum of Art (Tochigi, 2016).