TAKAGI Masakatsu/OleO/TAKADA Masayoshi


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TAKAGI Masakatsu "Marginalia", 2018, Piano solo concert


TAKAGI Masakatsu

TAKAGI Masakatsu
TAKAGI Masakatsu is an artist who engages in creating music using the piano, an instrument which he has long been familiar with, and video works reminiscent of "moving paintings" shot during his travels around the world. Since releasing his album "pia" in 2001, he has presented his work in various concerts and exhibitions internationally. His practice encompasses a wide range of areas, including producing music for the films "Wolf Children," "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness," "The Boy and the Beast," and "Mirai" as well as commercial music and writing. He is currently engaging in a new style of working such as his latest work "Marginalia" in which he released a collection of songs on piano created through a dialogue with nature.
He has presented work in numerous exhibitions including "The Cosmos of the Takahashi Collection" Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto (2017), "Ikitoshi Ikeru Mono (All Living Things)" Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum (Shizuoka, 2016), and "DAYDREAMS" Takamatsu City Art Museum (Kagawa, 2013). In 2018 he released his collection of essays, Kotoizu (Kirakusha).


A connoisseur of waste materials, OleO is a specialist who transforms spaces through his own distinct fabrics, and finds joy in making usual spaces appear different. Since childhood, his hobby and interest has centered on the rearranging and redecorating of spaces. Through his practice he strives to train himself to maximize the power of existing things. He occasionally travels the world with a single backpack, and operates “air objects” as an action actor.


TAKADA Masayoshi
After ceasing his studies at university, Takada began to pursue his career in stage lighting, having been attracted to the appeal and fascination of light itself as a material. He gained experience at street theaters and Shibusashirazu Orchestra, after which he joined RYU Co., Ltd., where he learned the basics of the art and trade. Currently, he is in charge of various projects by TAKAGI Masakatsu, as well as the lighting design for contemporary artist KANEUJI Teppei, plays by chelfitsch and KUNIO, dance works by HIRAYAMA Motoko and SEKI Kaori, and stage lighting design for Cornelius, ROVO and Suchmos. He continues to work actively across a wide variety of genres.