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Klaus Dauven "Hanazakari" 2008, Matsudagawa Dam, Tochigi / Organizer: KÄRCHER(JAPAN)CO., LTD., The Hochi Shimbun., Photo: Takeshige Yamaya



Photo: Bernd Nörig

Klaus DAUVEN is an artist who engages in an artistic practice that entails creating images by partially removing dirt and grime that have accumulated on the surface of all kinds of surfaces through long-time exposure to wind and rain. From small things in public space such as power boxes to large structures like the outer wall of concrete dams, rather than introducing additional elements, he creates his drawings by a technique he refers to as "reverse graffiti," employing wire brushes and high-pressure cleaners to wash away existing layers of patina. DAUVEN has worked on numerous large-scale projects at internationally, creating a huge drawing of flowers at the Matsudagawa Dam in Tochigi, Japan. His recent activities include "Les gen" in which he used a harbor wall at a fishing port as his canvas (Sète, South France, 2018), as well as participation in the International Land Art Festival Maastricht (Maastricht, 2016) and an exhibition at the GOSSA Walking Museum (Hyogo, 2013). His major solo exhibitions include "entfernt" Leopold-Hoesch-Museum (Düren, 2014).