Annex Sight:Open Call Curator Project "I can speak" Exhibition

HAIBARA Chiaki "Playground", 2015, Video installation, Video 7’49” / Photo: Ken Kato



HAIBARA Chiaki diverse practice combines video, sculpture and photography. Her interests lie in people’s process of understanding history (community) and the systems in society that control people. She often finds inspiration in insignificant events in everyday life and turns them into artwork by applying the tools of literature and mythology, and by using word games. Since 2011, she has been working on an intermittent collaborative project with Korean artists in Japan to gain new perspectives on Japan’s contemporary society.
Her major solo exhibitions include, “It may already be so, maybe not,” Gallery Natsuka (Tokyo, 2017), “lighthouse vol.12: Re-sewing Constellation –Curator: Ryo Katsumata” switch point (Tokyo, 2017).