NAGASHIMA Kaku & The Team for Yajirushi


Splash Sight:Exhibition / Project

《←》Saitama Triennale 2016 / Photo:KAWASE Kazue


NAGASHIMA Kaku & The Team for Yajirushi

Photo : Kazue KAWASE

NAGASHIMA was born in 1969 in Tokyo. He has been engaged in creative projects as groups from drama, dance and opera to art projects as a pioneer in dramaturg in Japan. His recent projects include the "The House of Atreus" series, 《Kaku Nagashima's How-To-Make-Laboratory : Someone's Dream》, "THE WORLD"series,《←》. Director of FESTIVAL/TOKYO since 2018. Specially invited professor at Tokyo University of the arts.

The Team for Yajirushi
Based on the team that did the "←" project at Saitama Triennale 2016, NAGASHIMA Kaku(concept, editing), SATO Shinya(project structure), FUKUOKA Yasutaka(design), KITAGAWA Yui(Illustrator), MIYATAKE Aki(production management)collaborate for this project again.