Endo Ichiro


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Endo Ichiro

“Mirai-e-Go (Go for Future)” Bus driver. Born in Shizuoka (Japan) in 1979. ENDO Ichiro has been travelling across the country to spread his positive messages and sleeping in a bus called “Mirai-e-Go” on which he encourages people to write down their hopes and dreams. He has several projects in progress. “Kappa Master”- He serves tea to people as a Kappa. “Magma Farm” - He grows soybeans and tea using special microbial and electronic farming methods. “Future Dragon Big Sky Kite” - He flies a kite chain that people write down their dreams into the sky. “Crawling along” - He crawls on his way. “Miraibi” - He breaks people’s seals and releases their realities.

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