NHK「おやすみ日本 眠いいね!」

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Broadcast once every month on NHK, “GOOD NIGHT JAPAN” is an endless talk program that listens to and responds to the voices of sleepless individuals throughout Japan. The program takes the unprecedented approach of not ending unless the real-time counter recording the number of ‘NEMUIINE (likes)’ = viewers’ level of sleepiness, reaches the designated target. To promote a good night’s sleep for both viewers and the visiting audience, the studio features a footbath and an extraordinarily huge fluffy bed equipped with layers of futons. Visitors may bring their pajamas with them, and sleep together in a huddle while watching the program live.
Recreating the feel and atmosphere of NHK “GOOD NIGHT JAPAN,” the program set is enhanced on this occasion with a soothing footbath and comfortable sleeping space. An ultimate space for sleep is conceived with attention to all details from the brightness and temperature of the room, to music, and even the angle at which to sleep, providing an opportunity to enjoy a temporary moment of sleep, or what is commonly referred to as a “power nap.” The exhibit invites viewers to embrace an exquisite sleeping experience.