KOJIMA Hiroyuki


Annex Sight:Open Call Curator Project "I can speak" Exhibition

"We have to drink champagne." 2018, mixed media, France


KOJIMA Hiroyuki

KOJIMA Hiroyuki traveled overseas to study at The School of Fine Arts at Nantes Saint-Nazaire in 2018. Turning a critical gaze towards various contradictions in society, through his practice Kojima engages in sharing contemporary social situations with viewers. Referencing theatrical theory and placing emphasis on the production process, he uses installation as his main form of expression.
His recent exhibitions include “Another reality” The School of Fine Arts at Nantes Saint-Nazaire (France, 2018), the art project/installation/performance “Red Hook Horror Lemonade” (coproduced with Maharu MAENO and Alexandra BANHAZL, New York, 2019). He has also taken part in other ventures such as the art project “NONTOKOYO”Festival/Tokyo 17 (concept & production: Team for NONTOKOYO, Dramaturg: Kaku NAGASHIMA, 2017).