Release date:Jun. 5, 2019

Director / Shoji Toyama x Photography / Shin Tsubo Kenshu x Music / Takagi Masakatsu The Saitama Triennale 2020 "Art Sightama" original short shot movie is completed! The first is "spring edition"


The first short short movie "Haru Hen" of the Saitama Triennale 2020 "Art Sightama" to be opened on March 14, 2020 will be released!
The director was produced by Shoji Toyama, director of the Saitama International Art Festival 2020, and the shooting was taken by a wide range of photographers, including magazines and commercials, as well as a wide range of photographers, including Niitsubo Yasuhide, music, and films and commercials. The filmmaker Masakatsu Takagi participated in the production, and the collaboration of the luxurious production team was realized.
The movie that can be made on the stage of Saitama City, the venue, is a work of about one and a half minutes, and a total of four films of "Shun," "Summer," "Autumn," and "Winter" will be produced. This time, it is "Spring Edition" to be released, but please also expect what kind of story will be developed each season from now on.

{"poster":"/","source":"/","caption":"Saitama Triennale original short movie"} Saitama Triennale original short movie


Spring is the beginning story. The spring version was filmed at the Iwatsuki Old Folk Culture Center, which was also the venue for the last Saitama Triennale 2016. Even now, in spring, weeping cherry trees are in bloom.
We decided to start the story of “Saitama Triennale 2020” from the previous venue. The spring when the memories of that time suddenly appear and the feeling of the beginning is felt. The future of the art festival to be held next spring and the 2016 venue intersect with a cherry blossom and a piano, and the moment of rising as a landscape, and the sound of life that can be heard. The season will move to summer, autumn, and winter, and I want to bring out various landscapes of Shitama.

Saitama Triennale 2020 Director Shoji Toyama


Director Toyama

Shoji Toyama, Director of Saitama Triennale 2020

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1984. Film director and producer. Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies, Waseda University. In 2012, the first feature film “NOT LONG, AT NIGHT” was officially exhibited in the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival , which is the largest international film festival in Asia. Get a rating. His latest work “Winter Butterfly” has won high acclaim overseas, including winning the Grand Prix at the 33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival Asia Competition. The art project “Akazaki Wednesday Post Office” served as director and director, and this project, which reused the former Akasaki Elementary School in the sea in Tsunami-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, has become a hot topic across the country. The project won the 2014 Good Design Award.

Kenshu Shintsubo 

Shintsubo Kenshu Photographer

Born in Tokyo. Completed an oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts. Produces photos, drawings and videos. Major exhibitions include “North Alps International Art Festival” (Omachi City, Nagano, 2017), “Object manipulation” (statements, Tokyo, 2017), “Japan Media Arts Festival, Overseas Media Arts Festival, etc. “Landscapes: New vision through multiple windows” (Japan Creative Centre, Singapore, 2017) “The Camera Knows Everything” (Tarion Gallery, Tokyo, 2015).

Masakatsu Takagi

Masakatsu Takagi Musician and filmmaker

Born in Kyoto in 1979. A writer who works on both music using a piano that he has been familiar with for a long time and images such as “moving paintings” taken while traveling the world. In addition to film music for “Wolf Children's Rain and Snow”, “Dream and Crazy Kingdom”, “Child of Bakemono”, and “Mirai of the Future”, he has worked on a wide range of activities, including commercial music and writing. His latest works are “Marginaria”, a collection of piano songs inviting nature, and “Kotoizu”, a book that summarizes six years of essays.

Yoomi Tamai

Yoomi Tamai

A singer, actress, Shibusa Shirazu. Played as “Spirited Away” Lynn, and “Zamudo's Lost” as Benikawa Ishuu. Co-director of “Monshen” movie, starring, music (Psalm), starring “NOT LONG, AT NIGHT”, “White Elephant”. In 2015, “MOTHER SUN” produced by Daisuke Fuwa, the director of Shibusa Shirazu, was released. In July 2017, “Tokyo Bay Whales” sponsored by WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO started.