Release date:Feb. 20, 2019

We will hold a screening of the director of Shoji Toyama connecting Saitama International Art Festival and supporters


A screening project of two works that is directed by the film director Shoji Toyama, who is the director of Saitama International Art Festival 2020, will be held by planning and management by citizen supporters.
The screening event is divided into two parts, and after the movie screening, Toyama Director and Takashi Satozawa (Saitama Triennale 2016) director (Part 1),
There is also a talk show by Yuumi Tamai (Part 2), who is the leading actress for "NOT LONG, AT NIGHT-I have no nights."
It is a movie screening party created by all of the citizen supporters. Please come by all means.


Day February 23, 2010 (Sat)
Venue Plaza East 2F, Video Theater (1440-8 Nakao Midori-ku, Saitama City)
Admission Fee Free
Fixed number 80 people (first-come-first-served basis) ※ no application required
・ The screening of "Tofusan Shoji's" Winter Butterfly "and" NOT LONG, AT NIGHT "
・ A talk show by Toyama Director and director Satoyama Triennale 2016 director Takashi Kuwasawa (Part 1), Yui Tamai (Part 2) starring "NOT LONG, AT NIGHT-Night is not long-" star actress

■ Time schedule

Open at 12:30
13:00 Opening
After screening of 2 works, talk show by Toyama director and Mr. Serizawa
16:00 closing performance

<Part 2>
Open at 17:30
18:00 Opening
After screening of 2 works, talk show by Toyama director and Mr. Tamai
21:00 closing performance

※ About parking lot
Free within 1 hour after receipt. Within 1 hour and 30 minutes is 210 yen. We will add 105 yen every 30 minutes thereafter. (Round down less than 10 yen)

This event has ended.

Yumi Tamai Profile

Tamai Yuumi (Tamai Yumi) image

Born in 1977 in Tokyo. He plays the role of phosphorus as a voice actor in the movie "Sen to Chihiro no Shiori" and plays an active part in many fields such as writing (co-production), starring and music in the movie "Monshien" (production Sigro, MK) . We are continuing the "Music Journey Project-White Elephant" which started in April 2011.