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The project of which we deepen understanding in land "Saitama studies II" starts!

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When the topography, the geological feature, vegetation, weather, history and culture make crossing-like and the program which will be looked around like a place immediately precedent to holding of an art festival, and put Saitama-shi into effect from manifoldness, and carrying out an art festival, "Saitama studies" are the match which deepens "understanding in" land which becomes an important starting point and is also developing the outcome to citizen activity.

Then the "Saitama studies" put into effect in Saitama triennale 2016 searched for the form of Saitama from composition in Saitama up to now from prehistoric times and exhibited the outcome by a continuous seminar and exhibition.
Then this "Saitama II of studies" which has for its object to precede holding of an art festival and deepen "understanding in" land digs the value of Saitama where various charm inheres up by the angle of the citizen, and the project utilized in the daily living is proposed and a workshop aiming at development to citizen activity "CIRCULATION SAITAMA" is put into effect. I'll put a kick offtalk event into effect as follows, so by all means, please participate.

Date and time and place

Kick off talk event

Date and time  2:00pm Saturday August 3 in 2019-4:00pm (opening: 1:30pm).
Place      401,402 meeting rooms of Omiya ward office
         (60 quotas, participation no charge and reservation unnecessary in the order of arrival).
Going person  Yuki Kageyama (a project director/an editor/one thousand and eleven editing rooms)
        Niitsu shun (Urban design center Omiya Design researcher)
        Takeshi Otaka (Saitama international art festival 2020 curator /MOTION GALLERY representative)
        Shoji Toyama (Saitama international art festival 2020 director/movie director)
"CIRCULATION SAITAMA" is a workshop of the solicitation type by which the "characteristics of an area= project and business which dig a cultural gene up and take that over to the future are planned where history in Saitama, the custom grown for a long time and a custom aren't visible. A participant chooses 1 from 3 themes of "mobility" "public space utilization" "social inclusion" and works on "local project making". This time, "kick offtalk event" combined with participant recruitment and an explanatory meeting is held.


A workshop participant splits up into a team every following theme, and plans and announces the business the continuation is novel and by which possible and the project lined by" characteristics of an area" by taking place in various fields in Saitama-shi.

In Saitama-shi as well as a railway system in JR Keihintohoku-sen and JR Saikyo-sen which connect with the Tokyo center lengthwise, the utilizing method of the mobility I didn't have so far which uses new transport system, a bus and a bicycle and migrates is considered. It's also the feature of the "mobility" team that the new media and tour which visualize a route of circulation in such new area can be proposed for the citizen who lives in Saitama-shi.

・Utilization in a public space
Saitama-shi where the calm country landscape spreads when redevelopment advances Urawa station and Oomiya station around the terminal, but also I get away a little. A way to the city is utilized by a unique way and a crowd is produced, and a renovation is done, and the space property in a suburb is made a base of a new area resident, and. "Utilization in a public space" a team raises the structure and non-structure= state of the space public irrespective of street, the business plan I date will be considered.

・Social inclusion
I collaborate on the workshop where unique business using locality in Saitama and an exchange of a senior citizen and children are suggested with a suggestion of "software" and a workshop with welfare as the keyword, and it's expected that an idea of new development of" Saitama gift" is born from a "social, inclusion" team. "Utilization in a public space" "mobility" the proposition of business and a project that I cooperated with a team is also possible.

Message from a project director


Access to downtown is good and is Saitama-shi with a lot of residents by a railway system in JR Keihintohoku-sen and JR Saikyo-sen, but for a lengthwise line as "Saitama<--> Tokyo" to be often emphasized, charm and a potential Saitama possesses are overlooked, and a case that movement in the side in Saitama-shi is conscious isn't so much. But when there may be a viewpoint which uses a bus and a bicycle, moves and enjoys itself up, I think of a leisure facility, a park and in Saitama-shi where I have many restaurants.

I think there is small "characteristics of an area which isn't taken up easily by a television and a newspaper in every kind of area. But that's concealed by the mass media-like or Tokyo-like uniform viewpoint. And the person who lives in an area often internalizes such viewpoint. It's important to invent the business, the media and the project to which various charm in Saitama is sent by the angle of the person who lives in Saitama so.

I dig the value of Saitama where various charm inheres by "Saitama studies, II" to have for the object to deepen "understanding in" land which becomes the starting point where an art festival is held up by the angle of the citizen, propose the project utilized in the daily living and aim at development to citizen activity. That's a target of "CIRCULATION SAITAMA".

Project director KAGEYAMA Yuki

Project director introduction



In 1982, it was born in Tokyo. Editor, writer and consultant of media. Combined company one thousand and eleven editing room representative. "CIRCULATION KYOTO" (2017) and "KOBE MEME" (2018-19) make a plan for an area project in every region of the country and a workshop for creators, and a direction is wide and a publication produce of art and a culture handwriting and recent years in addition to edit of a web and a paper conductor and writing activity are active. There is "how to make on new "street"" etc. in "how to make of local media" and writing and editing in a book. I start a web magazine "EDIT LOCAL" in 2017 and serve as a director. The observation unit on the road,* new antique and NPO corporation art public corporation member. General corporate judicial person area design academic meeting participation. Aoyama academy women's junior college part-time lecturer.


After September, I'll put a workshop into effect continually. Please see handbills ahead of the following link about details.

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When I participate, much more an application is possible than the following application form of Uniform Resource Locator.
The application form (deadline: August 23, 2019)

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