Release date:Dec. 10, 2019

Ticket information(Currently selling discontinued)


Admission to the former Omiya Ward Office, which is the main venue, is subject to admission, except for some areas on the first floor.
(Free for high school students and under, disabled and assisted persons [up to 1 person]. )

Advance ticket(Currently selling discontinued)

■ A purchase price:1,000 yen (including tax)

■ Purchase period:Friday, March 27, 2020, Tuesday, December 10, 2019 (Currently selling discontinued)

It is on sale at play guides / sales sites / convenience stores.
During a period, please have it in the former Omiya ward office ticket sales desk. I'll exchange it for an admission ticket on the day.

The day's admission ticket and entrance claim tag(Currently selling discontinued)

■ Purchase period: Sunday, May 17 ー Saturday, March 28, 2020(Currently selling discontinued)

■ Price:1,200 yen (including tax)

■ Ticket type:

【The day's admission ticket】it's sold at the old Omiya ward office ticket sales desk.

【Entrance claim tag】it's sold at the ticket agency sales site convenience store.

※ An entrance claim tag is a ticket sales desk, and an admission ticket and an exchange are necessary on the day.

The ticket agency, sales site

JTB homepage eplus
Ticket Pia

※ It takes purchase by Ticket pia and an e-plus for a discovery handling charge and a system handling charge separately.

※ It'll be the designation location of each ticket agency sales site about receipt of a ticket.

Convenience store

Please buy it at a convenience store storefront terminal.

convinience store

※ Convenience store item code:0253042
  When you input to each convenience store terminal, you can buy it smoothly.
※ Please search FamilyMart by the performance name "Saitama International Art Festival 2020".

※ Please search FamilyMart by the performance name "Saitama International Art Festival 2020".

About Saitama Triennale 2020

For the Saitama Triennale 2020, please see the overview below.

See the following page for performance tickets for performing arts.

Ticket refund

Refunds will be announced in the near future.