Release date:Dec. 23, 2019

Interim announcement of outreach program with Saitama Sakae High School

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Children and students in the city meet artists who are responsible for the citizen project of the Saitama International Art Festival, and through production, education is aimed at "cultivating" human resources "that support the Saitama culture, which is the purpose of this art festival. The “Outreach Program” has been implemented, in which artists are dispatched to institutions and other civilian life sites to develop programs such as workshops and lectures.
We will announce the results of the program with Saitama Sakae High School Dance Club as follows.

Date and time・Venue

Date and time: Wednesday, December 25, 13: 00-15: 00
Venue: Former Omiya Liblary1st floor (2-1-1, Takahanacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi).
Capacity 100 people, participation free, reservation unnecessary first-come-first-served basis


A performance that goes beyond traditional creative dance to the lecture of rich body expression through dance
We have been working on the production of work. Expressions that are not bound by existing concepts through activities for about two months
I learned the method, and the range of performance has further expanded. For the presentation during the art festival
In this interim presentation, we will divide into two teams and present the results at the moment.

[Time schedule] (planned)
13:00 Opening
13:10~ Interim presentation ①
13:55~ Break
14:15~ Interim presentation ②
15:00 Closing

Dispatched artists


DamaDamTal members:Tamaki Miki, Akira Otsuka

Performance unit formed in 2016 by Tamaki Miki and Akira Otsuka. Always various
By co-creating with artists of various genres, it provides time to move freely between reality and non-reality.
2018 Koganecho AIR Residence Artist
2019 Nakanojo Biennale Performance Artist

Activity results

Activity scenery

① November 8th (Fri)16:15~19:00
② November 15 (Fri) 16: 15~19:00
③ December 13 (Fri)16: 15~19:00
④ December 20 (Fri) 13: 00~15:00