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The program of Saitama Art Center Project in the second half of October

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The theme of Saitama Art Center Project is "Hymn to Everyday Life: Participate, Communicate, and Feel Art in Saitama" and it is a project to create habits for citizens and visitors to participate in art with artists related to Saitama according to their own lifestyles.
We are planning to hold programs in the latter half of October by artists of various genres.

An online reservation is required in advance to visit the venue.

* Live streaming will be filmed at the venue. If you are concerned about the reflection in the video, please inform the receptionist.

If you can't come to the venue, please see the live broadcast.

- Friday School of the Arts -

Considering Art Placemaking in the Age of Wizkorona (7): Learning from the Practice of Kamagasaki University of Arts

[Date & Time] Friday, October 23, 19:30-21:00
[Lecturer]Kanayo Ueda (Poet, Representative Director of NPO Koko Room)
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Language Base
Kamagasaki University of Arts is a citizen's university held in Kamagasaki, Nishinari-ku, Osaka, since 2012, where anyone can participate and learn from each other. It is a university where anyone can participate and learn from each other. About 100 lectures and workshops are held annually by a variety of invited speakers. In recent years, with a desire to draw the water that sustains our lives with our own hands, the group has organized a project to dig a well with uncles who have worked as day laborers on construction and civil engineering sites. We will also share the events of the "Coco Room" of the Corona Disaster.
Capacity: 15 people (advance application required) *The capacity of the former Omiya Library is the same as the capacity of the former Omiya Library.
Participation fee: Free of charge

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Considering Art Placemaking in the Age of Wizkorona (part 8)" and "Museum x Gallery x City" (part 8)

[Date & Time] October 30th (Friday) 19:30-21:00
[Lecturer]Yuka Kobayashi (Gallerist and Gallery Pepin)
    Yasushi Matsunaga (Curator, Saitama International Art Festival Citizens' Project)
    Tomoko Matsubara (Curator, Urawa Art Museum)
[Venue] Former Omiya Library and Language Base
Based on practical examples from instructors who are actively working in museums, galleries, and on the streets, we will discuss the future of creating art venues by exchanging opinions. We will share ideas on how to create a fulfilling place for the corona crisis.
Capacity: 15 people (advance registration required)
Fee: Free of charge

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- Saturday Art Challenge -

Let's create a collaborative haiku!

[Date & Time] October 24 (Saturday), 13:30-15:30
[Lecturer]Kanayo Ueda (Poet, Representative Director of NPO Koko-Room, a room for the mind, the language and the heart)
[Venue] Former Omiya Library, Kamagasaki University of Arts Exhibition Room (2nd floor)
This is a workshop for students to create "collaborative haiku", in which several people work together to create a haiku by connecting words.
Collaborative haiku is not a form of poetry in which the participants do not write the 5, 7, and 5 by themselves, but rather they connect the words together by listening to the sounds and images of the haiku above and in the middle of the haiku created by others. We hope you will experience this once-in-a-lifetime experience created by connecting words with people you meet here.
[Capacity] 15 people (application required)
[Fee] Free of charge
[What to bring] Writing utensils


Let's trace your face and make a transforming face guard!

[date]Saturday, October 31, 2012
Part 1: 13:30 - 14:30 / Part 2: 14:30 - 15:30 
[Instructor] Toshiki Yabana
[Venue] Former Omiya Library and Language Base
Corona, self-restraint, with Corona... In this situation, we will hold a workshop to make a face shield, which has become a necessity of life. This workshop starts with tracing your face against the laminated film. We've taken all possible measures against corona from the manufacturing process! This is a workshop for pairs where you can connect with your loved ones by tracing their faces, which brings you closer together. Parents and children, families, friends, and couples are welcome.
[Capacity]Part 1 and Part 2 are both limited to 7 pairs of 14 participants (prior registration required).
[Fee] Free of charge
[What to bring] Writing utensils



- Take a deep breath Wednesday -

Live Steel Pan and Guitar

[Date and Time] October 21 (Wed) 19:30 - 21:00
[Appearance] Akiyoshi Watanabe
[Venue:]Former Omiya Library and Underground Theater
Akio Watanabe, who has many fans for his cheerful personality and soft musicality, will perform live in Saitama. He will perform a live performance that will make you feel at peace with his steel pan and guitar. WAIWAI STEEL BAND is located in Tokorozawa, and we have received enthusiastic feedback from the supporters of the art festival.
[Capacity] 20 people (advance reservation required)
[Fee]Free of charge
[What to bring] Writing utensils


Colored live sound with a single voice

[Date & Time] October 28 (Wednesday), 19:30-21:00
[Lecturer] Yuuki ICHII (Former Shiki Theatre Company)
[Venue] Former Omiya Library and Underground Theater
Mr. Ichii's live performance in Saitama, where he has been doing various expressive activities with a single voice. The melodies born from the improvisation of a single moment in time overlapped, making the room seem like a forest or a universe. Enjoy a new kind of live music that makes you feel like you're in an oasis space. We offer you a time to give back to Saitama, your hometown, and to soothe and heal your body and mind.
[Capacity:]20 people (application required)
[Fee:]Free of charge


- Special Program -

-Onsite opening commemorative event-

SACP "Daily Praise Flower" Sharing Tour

[Date] October 17th (Sat) 13: 30-15: 00
[Lecturer] Saitama Art Center Project Team + Ichiro Endo
[Venue] Former Omiya Library
The "Saitama International Marathon Festival 2020" will finally begin on-site! While sharing the joy of facing the work with your own body, you will visit the former Omiya Library with the members of the Saitama Art Center Project Team. While appreciating the artist's work, we will share the charm and enjoyment of the project. In addition, there will be a gallery talk by Ichiro Endo and the exhibiting artist of "Future Beauty Exhibition 4" on the 1st floor. Let's enjoy "everyday praise" with an art festival in everyday life!
[Capacity] 15 people (advance application required)
[Participation fee] Free
[What to bring] Writing utensils


Visiting Saitama International Arts Festival "Appreciation Navigator"

It's even more fun to watch with everyone! Arts festival work appreciation tour

[Date and time] (1) October 17 (Sat) (2) October 24 (Sat) (3) October 31 (Sat) (4) November 7 (Sat) 16: 30-17: 30 each time
[Lecturer] Arts Festival Navigator Team (Facilitator)
[Venue] Former Omiya Library
This is a tour of the works in the old Omiya Library with the art festival navigator.
It's fun to watch the work alone, but by watching it with a few people, you can come across ways of seeing, feeling, and thinking about the work that you didn't notice. In this program, the staff who took the art festival navigator training course will navigate you. Please feel free to join us please.
[Capacity] 30 people each time (advance application required)
[Participation fee] Free
[What to bring] Writing utensils

For more information on each program, please see the syllabus below.