Release date:Nov. 2, 2020

Sightama Art Center Project Information on the program contents in the latter half of November

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The theme of Sightama Art Center Project is "Hymn to Everyday Life: Participate, Communicate, and Feel Art in Saitama" and it is a project to create habits for citizens and visitors to participate in art with artists related to Saitama according to their own lifestyle.
Please join us again in November with programs by artists of various genres.

An online reservation is required in advance to visit the venue.

* Live streaming will be filmed at the venue. If you are concerned about the reflection in the video, please inform the receptionist.

If you can't come to the venue, please see the live broadcast.

- Breathe deeply on Wednesday -

Concert of songs and keyboard instruments Encore

[Date and time] November 11 (Wednesday) 19: 30-21: 00
[Cast] Yumi Tamai
[Venue] Former Omiya Library / Underground Theater
[Details] The performance held on January 22, 2020 was a great response, and many encore voices were heard.
In response to that voice, this performance was realized. Take advantage of the delicate sensations created from your daily life, the wonderful songs created by the courage to carefully weave them, and the environment of the underground theater of the former Omiya Library, and enjoy the time that can only be created here.
[Capacity] 20 people (advance application required) * The capacity of the former Omiya Library is limited.
[Participation fee] Free
[What to bring] Writing utensils

Yumi Tamai Picture

Born August 6, 1977 in Tokyo. Completed "Higashi Koganeimura Juku 2", an animation director training course sponsored by Hayao Miyazaki, while attending the Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts. Due to this connection, she was selected to play the role of Rin in the movie "Spirited Away". After that, she appeared as an actress in theater works and movies once every few years, and sang as a member of "Shibusashirazu" for the past few years. The music and travel project "White Elephant", which has been ongoing since 2011, continues hard even though it is almost forgotten. Every day I live with my dog, wondering what the other person is doing.

- Art school on Friday-

Thinking about creating a place for art in the with corona era ⑨
"Welfare x Art"

[Date and time] November 13th (Friday) 19:30-21:00
[Lecturer] Sachiyo Tanii (Director, Cookie Project, NPO)
Kaneyoshi Okabe (Director of the museum at the beginning)
Yu Yokoi (Borderless Art Museum NO-MA Chief Curator)
[Venue] Former Omiya Library / Words Base
[Details] What kind of relationship can the welfare field and art build and cross each area? This is a course to think about "creating a place for art" in the future while exchanging opinions, based on practical examples of instructors who are actively engaged in on-site activities. We will share ideas for creating a fulfilling place even in the corona virus.
[Capacity] 15 people (advance application required) * The capacity of the former Omiya Library is limited.
[Participation fee] Free
[What to bring] Writing utensils

Sachiyo Tanii Yu Yokoi
Kaneyoshi Okabe

- Special program -

Join the National Arts Festival Supporters Meeting!

[Date] November 14th (Sat) 13: 00-19: 00
[Facilitator] Tadashi Miura (Curator of Saitama Triennale 2020)
[Venue] Former Omiya Ward Office, Former Omiya Library, etc.

[Details] The "National Arts Festival Supporters Meeting", which began with the voices of citizen supporters at the "Water and Land Niigata Art Festival" held in Niigata City in 2015, will be held until Saitama. Supporters who are active in art festivals nationwide gather together to deepen friendships, share the role and significance of supporter activities, and hold art festivals as an opportunity to see works, walk around town, and exchange opinions. Form a nationwide network to do.

National Arts Festival Supporters Meeting

Saitama Triennale 2020 SACP Finale Event
"Daily praise" continues

SACP, which has continuously created a place for art through about 70 programs from August 10, 2019 to the end of the art festival, will be temporarily terminated with this program. Thank you to everyone who has participated in and supported the program so far! On the final day of the festival, let's decorate the endless beauty with SACP!
I hope that "Art for your lifestyle! -Daily praise" will continue.

News Paper Photogram-Burn Memories into Records-

[Date and time] November 15th (Sun) 13: 00-15: 00
[Place] Former Omiya Library / Words Base
[Lecturer] Shunya Asami
[Capacity] 15 people (advance application required) * The capacity of the former Omiya Library is limited.
[Details] "News Paper Photogram" creates a photo (sianotype photogram) in which a photosensitizer is applied to newspaper and the shadow of the motif is printed. By taking a picture without using a camera, you can intuitively experience the principle of photography that "the trace of sunburn on the photosensitive surface is a picture". By printing the things you bring, daily necessities, and memories of the day on an information medium called newspaper, you can create time to feel and think about "time and memory."
[What to bring] One day's newspaper, daily necessities, what to bring for the day,Writing utensils
* Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Daily necessities

"Breathe deeply on Wednesday" in FINAL

[Date and time] November 15th (Sun) 16:30-18:00
[Venue] Former Omiya Library / Underground Theater
[Capacity] 20 people (advance application required) * The capacity of the former Omiya Library is limited.
[What to bring] Writing utensils

"May it continue forever."
[Cast] Miki Kobayashi
[Details] It has been about a year and a half since I became involved in this art festival, and during that time I myself have undergone many major changes. There were many days when I couldn't sleep until morning and thought about it on the balcony because of the amount of stimulation. I am very grateful that I met many people, encouraged each other, and became one of these wonderful bouquets. I hope it will continue forever.

Miki Kobayashi

"Let's remember the dream even if we wake up"
[Cast] DamaDamTal + Jun Futamata
[Details] Jun Futamata will join DamaDamTal, who played an active part in the "Saitama Triennale 2020 100 Days Before Event" held on December 10, 2019. The performance that was originally planned to decorate the opening of the art festival on March 14th. Please see what kind of works will be shown at 8 months apart including the postponement period of the art festival.


For more information on each program, please see the syllabus below.