Release date:Oct. 30, 2020

National Arts Festival Supporters Meeting in Saitama will be held


The "National Arts Festival Supporters Meeting" began with the voices of citizen supporters at the Water and Land Niigata Arts Festival held in Niigata City in 2015. This time, which is the 5th time, will be held until Saitama Triennale 2020. Supporters who are active in art festivals all over the country will come together to share the role and significance of their activities and form a nationwide network triggered by the holding of art festivals.

An online reservation is required in advance to visit the venue.

Date, venue, etc.

【Program 1: Appreciation of works】
At 13:00, we will meet at the main site (former Omiya Ward Office) and watch the works of the main site and annex site with supporters nationwide.
Date and time: Saturday, November 14th, 13:00 (meeting) to 17:00
Meeting: Main site (former Omiya Ward office)
Capacity: 40 people

【Program 2: Opinion Exchange Meeting】
From the standpoint of supporters, we will discuss the significance and issues of holding an art festival in the region with supporters nationwide.
Date and time: Saturday, November 14th, 17:00 (meeting) -19:00
Venue: Annex Site (former Omiya Library) 3rd floor event room
Capacity: 40 people


13:00 Main site (former Omiya Ward government office) meeting and appreciation of works
15:00 Visit + move to the splash site (Omiya station east exit machinaka)
16:00 Annex site (former Omiya Library) meeting and appreciation of works
17:00 Opinion exchange meeting
19:00 end