Release date:Oct. 23, 2020

UMEDA Tetsuya's video work "O times" is now available online

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UMEDA Tetsuya's video work "O times" is now available online.
Please see it together with the exhibition work "O floor" that uses the entire basement of the former Omiya Ward office.

On the "O floor" currently open to the public at the former Omiya Ward office, performance tours guided by multiple guides are held every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays during the exhibition period, and you can not enter at the exhibition on weekdays. We were planning to see the whole picture of the work including the area. "O times" is a video work that reproduces the performance tour that was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, taking into account the situation at that time. The content of the tour is based on the content of the workshop held with the dancers and choreographers Neji Pijin and Mari Fukudome with the residents of Saitama City and its surroundings.