OiBokkeShi Home theater "Ahozora"

May. 2, 2020 - May. 5, 2020

A house in Omiya

Splash Sight:in the city

"Old" "Blur" "Death", Naoki Sugawara, who finds a new connection with the theme that he or she wants to avoid in life, has produced two performances that embody the “Old Flower” in Saitama City, a city that is aging at the highest pace in Japan.

Photo:Noi Asano

Work introduction

An elderly couple living in a nursing home. Finally, his wife's life expectancy is approaching, and her husband returns home to do something. With a 93-year-old OiBokkeShi poster actor Tadao Okada who brings surprise and energy to the audience with a performance that literally bets on life,and Sugawara, who received the new art prize of the Minister of Education, Artistic award (Art Promotion Division) and has a hot gaze from both the arts and welfare stage, has set a new house to reconsider old, blurred, and dead. present.

★New work/World premiere

Date and Time

16:00 on Saturday, May 2, 2020
16:00 on Sunday / Holiday, May 3, 2020
16:00 on Monday / Holiday, May 4, 2020
16:00 on Tuesday / Holiday, May 5, 2020
〈4 performances in total〉
*Start accepting 30 minutes ago


A House in Omiya
*The meeting place:Omiya East Public Hall
(3-140 Horinouchicho,Omiya-ku,Saitama City,Saitama)
(minutes walk from the East Exit of Omiya station)

Cast / Staff

Production / Directing

Naoki Sugawara


Tadao Okada, and others

Naoki Sugawara Pprofile

Ticket information

Fee (including tax)

All seats free
Adult   ¥2,500
Under 18 years old (Limited number)¥1,000

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*Ticketing and system fees will be charged separately.

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*This performance is a house performance. If you are concerned about visiting a wheelchair or watching a movie in a small space, please consult with the organizer before purchasing a ticket.
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*In case of stormy weather, the performance will be canceled.
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*Under 4 years old not allowed.
*There is no parking at the venue, so please use public transportation.