UMEDA Tetsuya


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UMEDA Tetsuya "Things that are Unknown", Installation view, Sapporo International Art Festival 2017 / Photo: YOSHISATO KOMAKI


UMEDA Tetsuya

UMEDA Tetsuya produces installations that are inspired by and incorporate existing elements from the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space including its architectural structure. In addition to exhibitions in museums and art institutions, he has produced numerous site-specific works in the context of both urban and natural spaces. He has also presented works at performing arts festivals, such as stage works that place focus on theater functions, as well as chorus projects without a center point.
He has taken part in numerous international art exhibitions including, "Reborn-Art Festival 2019 "(Miyagi), "2018 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival" (Taichung), "Sapporo International Arts Festival 2017" (Hokkaido). His solo exhibitions include, "See, Look at Observed what Watching is" Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Portland, 2016). Umeda has presented performance works such as "Composite: Variations/Circle" Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2017 (Brussels), "INTERNSHIP" Asia Cultural Center (Gwangju, 2016), "INTERNSHIP" TPAM 2018, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater (Yokohama).