Splash Sight:Exhibition

SAIHATE Tahi, "Water below 0℃about to become ice, Or a chrysalis about to become a butterfly, Or a museum about to become poetry", "Tahi Saihate: Exhibiting Poetry" Yokohama Art Museum / Photo: Koya Yamashiro



SAIHATE Tahi is a poet, novelist, and essayist. She started writing poems on the Internet, and won the Nakahara Chuya Prize for her first poetry collection "Good Morning" (Shinchosha, 2007). In 2015, she received the Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry for "Shinde Shimau Kei no Bokura ni" [For Us, the Dying Kind] (Littlemore, 2014). Her anthology of poems "The Tokyo Night Sky is Always the Densest Shade of Blue" (Littlemore) released in 2016 was made in to a feature film in 2017 (directed by ISHII Yuya). In addition to her latest work "Koibito Tachi wa Seno de Hikaru" [When Lovers Start to Shine] (Littlemore, 2019), she has released numerous collections of essays and novels in recent years including Tengoku, "Totetsumo nai Hima" [Heaven, Unbelievably Bored] (Shokakukan, 2018), and "Ai no Nuime wa Koko" [The Seam of Love is Over Here] (Littlemore, 2017). Using language as a tool to traverse various realms, she participated in an exhibition at the Ota City Museum of Art and Library in 2018. In recent years she has participated in art exhibitions in an exploration of the potential of physical space ad installations to further express poetry and words, presenting "Tahi Saihate: Exhibiting Poetry" as part of the Yokohama Museum of Art’s "New Artist Picks (NAP)" series.