Release date:Jul. 24, 2019

Saitama Triennale 2020 “Art Sightama” Citizen Project has started. The program “Sightama Art Center Project”, where you can experience art together with the artists, will start in advance for the art festival

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At Saitama International Art Festival 2020 “Art Sightama”, we will implement a project that citizens can participate in to make this art festival a “participating and participating” citizen-participating art festival.

I participate in art by inscription flora-Saitama and tell daily, and "finds "Sightama Art Center Project" each other", a citizen and a visitor are fond of art as well as an artist on the Saitama relation in a theme, and it's the project with which I participate.
An artist of the wide genre according to the concept in each day of the week calls the program held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday "Wednesday when I breathe deeply", "art school on Friday" and "Saturday art challenge" respectively, and develops the program the characteristic of the workshop and the drama are continually.
An open memorial party of this project is put into effect as follows before holding of an art festival, so by all means, please participate.

Date and time and place

Open memorial party

The date and time 13:00 Saturday August 10 in 2019-16:30 (opening 12:30).
A meeting place A civic hall, it's a lot, and, (50 quotas, participation no charge and reservation unnecessary in the order of arrival).
The outline Open ceremony and art festival introduction by Tooyama director.
       Project introduction of "Sightama Art Center Project"
       Trading card production workshop by Mr. Kaketani Tadashi bow

After an open memorial party, it's put into effect in water, money and Saturday biweekly (It's put into effect from November on Wednesday.)
It's put into effect in weekly water, money and Saturday during a session.

I'm going to make it the purpose of "Sightama Art Center Project"

"Sightama Art Center Project" is the composition which can be to share a period from August a project starts to May of next year which ends with 3 terms of "skill rise period", "output period" and "sharing period", continue and participate in each program and raise the skill which enjoys art step by step. The custom that I enjoy art daily is kept, and I'm having for my object to produce a place by the cultural art activities by the citizen who continues also coming into action via a sent process after the session of an art festival using a grown skill.

"Sightama Art Center Project" each program outline


Wednesday when I breathe deeply (It's put into effect from November.)

The movie, the song, the dance and the dramatic program performed at a small theater at night on Wednesday
If singing at a little theater at the end of work on Wednesday in the middle of the week, it's to appreciate a dance and touch art, and the program from which a heart and build "are disentangled a little" so that I may breathe deeply is performed.
It's recommended to such one: The person who would like to experience art in the work way back and the person if singing, who is interested in a drama


Art school on Friday (It's put into effect at 19:00-21:00 biweekly from August.)

The program from which wide knowledge of fine arts and expression are learned at night on Friday
It's also slightly good at night on Friday one glass, but the lecture from which how to enjoy oneself fine arts is learned is received and the program which spends big-hearted time is performed.
It's recommended to such one: The person who takes an interest in fine arts and the person who feels that the art is difficult


Saturday art challenge (It's put into effect at 13:00-16:30 biweekly from August.)

It develops centering on the workshop which can be enjoyed by a parent and child by an invitation artist and the author who plays an active part locally.
The excited art workshop and the lecture lunch on Saturday can enjoy by a parent and child are performed.
It's recommended to such one: The person looking for the art experience which can be enjoyed with a child and the person who would like to know of Saitama

Coordinator introduction

asami shunya

ASAMI Shunya

Fine arts person and modeling workshop designer
It was born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in 1982. Present's Saitama-ken residence.
Bunkyo University department of education specialization graduation of fine arts in 2006.
The picture work for which a camera isn't used with the theme of "time" and "memory" (photogram) is produced, but also the workshop where the charm is told is held at every region of the country. I think they're the art activities to come into action with both wheels of "To make." and "To tell." and make "place" and "time" which produce the invention of the maker and the appreciator in both directions energetically. I serve as a "Saitama international art festival, 2020" citizen project coordinator more than 2018 years.

The expectation bet on Sightama Art Center Project

A citizen project in Saitama international art festival 2020 "Sightama Art Center Project" starts at August ahead increasingly. This project is the project which produces an experience of the art excited in living city Saitama continually. Unique artists with "and, bite work" and lecturers are collected on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mainly, and I feel Saitama-shi once more, think and develop a sent program.
Please, participate in a program aggressively, and let's make time of the fun art together!

Project coordinator ASAMI Shunya