Release date:Dec. 27, 2019

Information on program contents in January

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The Sightama Art Center Project is being implemented as a leading project for the Saitama Triennale 2020 to be held in March 2020. We are planning a program with various genres of instructors this month, so please join us.

- Take a deep breath on Wednesday -

Japanese drum concert by Erika Fujii

Date and time: January 8 (Wednesday) 19:00-21:00
Appearance: Erika Fujii
Venue: Former Omiya Library underground theater
Wadaiko, an instrument that has been played in various scenes since ancient times in Japan. The tone that resonates with your belly is a great attraction that no other instrument has. Listen with your whole body, not your ears or head, and experience it.


"Lecturer profile"
She started classical ballet at the age of three and went to Russia at the age of fourteen to enter the Moscow State Dance School. Studied under Bolshoi Theater Ballet Master, Irina Lazareva. In 2013, he joined the professional taiko group Taiko-shu at once, and became a Japanese drum player. After giving lectures at home and abroad as a member of the Taikosha, he became independent in 2019. In solo performances are performed regardless of location, stage, live house, bar, corporate event, nursing home, etc. He also performed with artists on the other side such as dance and new comedy. In April 2018, performed in the United States as a solo artist. Regardless of nationality, we also focus on workshops and guidance.

《Message to participants》
At the beginning of 2020, we would like to deliver performances that will allow you to take a deep breath of comfortable air throughout your body. Regardless of your age or nationality, we will greet you with all your might, so please come and join us!

"Songs and keyboard instruments performed by Yuumi Tamai"

Date and time: January 22 (Wednesday) 19:00 to 21:00
Cast: Yuumi Tamai
Venue: Former Omiya Library underground theater
Saitama International Art Festival 2020 special stage by Yuumi Tamai, who is also an actress and singer, and has been active in various production / production activities. He has participated in many works and projects of the art festival director Toyama. This time, with supporters' hot voices, we will perform on “Wednesday with a deep breath”! Please enjoy the time that can only be experienced on this day.


Born August 6, 1977 in Tokyo. Completed the animation director training course "Higashi Koganei Village Juku 2" sponsored by Hayao Miyazaki while attending the Tokyo University of the Arts architecture course. Due to this connection, she was selected as the role of Rin in the movie "Spirited Away". After that, he appeared as an actress in theatrical works and films once every few years, and sang as a member of "Shibusashirazu" in recent years. 2011
The music and travel project “White Elephant,” which continues to be forgotten, has been hard-working but almost forgotten. “I wonder what that person is doing,” she lives with her dog, while being questioned by others.

- Art school on Friday -

"SACP New Year Fun Party"

Date and time:January 10 (Friday)19:00 to 21:00
Lecturer: Sightama Art Center Project Team
Place: Former Omiya Library, Word Base
A special fun event for the New Year, organized by the Sightama Art Center Project Team (Popular name the SACP team)! ! Enjoy the unique New Year's play, such as the beginning of writing and original laughter! ! Furthermore, we carry out lottery meet that lucky bag hits! There may be very rare prizes such as those created by the artists themselves and collections ...! ? Let's celebrate the start of 2020! !


《Message to participants》
Of course, both children and adults are welcome! ! At the end of this year's "Saitama International Art Festival 2020", we want to start running with everyone from the beginning of the new year. Come meet the powerful and energetic SACP team! !

"Idea Lectures to Create an Art Space vol.1" Saitama Triennale Harmony Activity Report-From Volunteers to Artist Management-

Date and time: January 24 (Friday) 19:00 to 21:00
Lecturer: Yuko Uemori
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Word Base
The Saitama Triennale Harmony was born in the wake of the Saitama Triennale 2016. We have been creating art venues in our city since 2016. Share the energy and ideas with the participants.


Born in 1988. From Saitama city. Graduated from Daito Bunka University Faculty of Environmental Studies, Audio Arts College Recording and PA Engineering.
OL who is usually everywhere. At the Saitama Triennale 2016, I met the Japan Sumobu Art Composers Association and participated in a workshop. Formed Saitama Taiko drum corps with workshop participants. In 2017, together with JACSHA, he will host Iwatsuki, Sumo and Music 2017 Workshop & Talk Show. By 2019, it has hosted five workshops, one concert, and one tour. Although I was a volunteer at the Saitama Triennale 2016, I started doing artist management anytime soon.

- Art challenge on Saturday -

SACP Trading Card Tournament + Production Workshop vol.3

Date and time: January 11 (Saturday)13:00 to 16:30
Lecturer: Sightama Art Center Project Team
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Word Base
Sightama Art Center Project produces trading cards for enjoying the project. We will produce and play cards that showcase the appeal of Saitama's area and people, and the International Art Festival. Participants will receive a basic starter pack. While playing with the card, think about the art festival and the area.


《Message to participants》
Through the production of trading cards, let's rediscover the thoughts and personal interests that we usually overlooked! Parents and children are welcome! Please participate with colored pencils and writing utensils.

"Sightama Art Action Exhibition" Opening Reception

Date and time:January 25 (Saturday)13:00 to 16:30
Cast: Exhibitors
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Exhibition Room
In Saitama, there are many teams and people doing unique art activities (actions). The purpose of this exhibition was to introduce "Art Action" in one place and create opportunities to discover various ways to participate in art. On the day of the exhibition, a cookie project “Dekoppa Tournament” and a Seseragi Concert “Live Performance” by exhibiting artists and a gallery talk by exhibiting artists will be held. Through this exhibition, we hope to share and create ideas and courage that will enable us to continue creating "art action" after the art festival.
【Participating artists】
SMF (Saitama Muse Forum) / Cookie Project / Seseragi Concert / Triennale Harmony / Yuka Kobayashi / Gallery Pepin / Apris Shiba Studio / KAPL (Koshigaya Art Point Lab) / Oshimachi Art Gallery / Saitama Street Observation Society / Japan Garden Association Saitama Branch / JIA Saitama / Shibaura Institute of Technology

For more information on each program, please see the syllabus below.

Sightama Art Center Project syllabus