Release date:Jan. 28, 2020

Information on program contents in February

NEWS:Annex Sight

The Sightama Art Center Project is being implemented as a leading project for the Saitama Triennale 2020 to be held in March 2020. We are planning a program with various genres of instructors this month, so please join us.

- Take a deep breath on Wednesday -

"Ending-Miki Kobayashi Live"

Date and time: February 12 (Wednesday) 19:00-21:00
Appearance:Miki Kobayashi (cello Chiharu Tomita), shunya Asami
Venue: Former Omiya Library underground theater
Miki Kobayashi's live performance as a singer-songwriter. Of the four sessions, the first was "Beginning" and the second was "Ending." The "end" that always comes to everyone and everything. There are a lot of new things that can be seen by staring at the "end". To value your favorite people and things? To protect yourself? To find the future?
It is a collaboration with photographer shunya Asami's photo poem "Issha Issou". Please come to relax your mind and body during cold weather.
[Capacity] 50 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)

20200212a 20200212b

《Message to participants》
We will perform the most 4 times among the performers. I would like to be able to deliver a time where you can relax and immerse yourself in the sound each time, while developing one story through the whole. Please enjoy your freedom of mind as much as you like.

"Seseragi Concert in Saitama Triennale 2020"

Date and time: February 26 (Wednesday) 19:00 to 21:00
Cast: Akane Tanabe (soprano) and others
Venue: Former Omiya Library underground theater
A special stage of the "Seseragi Concert", which continues to create places where the city and music interact with the slogan "Make the town live with music!" This time, we will deliver a soprano that penetrates the brainstem and a performance that shakes the body unintentionally to a unique space that has been familiar to the citizens, the former Omiya Library on the approach side. Please enjoy the time with the murmuring concert, which continues to work under the concept of "Music creates a bustle in the city and makes the city and citizens familiar with the music."
[Capacity] 50 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)


《Message to participants》
We work on things that spring up from the ground, and things that spring up out of us, enrich the town. Please carry your foot! !

- Art school on Friday -

"Creating a place for art: Idea course vol.2" Creating a place called Kamagasaki University of the Arts-Everyone can meet and learn.

Date and time:February 10 (Friday)19:00 to 21:00
Lecturer: Kanayo Ueda
Venue: Former Omiya Library, Word Base
This is an introduction of Art NPO Coco Room, which has been active since 2003 in Kamagasaki, Nishinari-ku, Osaka. A variety of people gather in a place pretending to be a coffee shop.
"Saitama 2020 Tamahikari"
Kamagasaki refers to a part of Nishinari Ward in Osaka City, but it is not on the map.
“Kamagasaki” may be a situation where you have no side in your life and feel like you are alone. If there is a place to express each other, various interesting things will happen. This is when the weakness comes into play. It's a little, but it's sloppy, reluctant, sulky, and plain.
[Capacity] 30 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)


©Takuya Matsumi

Poet and representative director of the NPO voice, Words and Heart Room (Coco Room). Looking at the city of Kamagasaki as a university, we are developing a loose project with various local facilities as venues if there are people who want to learn each other. About 100 courses are held annually, including astronomy, philosophy, and aesthetics. In recent years, due to the aging of the people living in Kamagasaki, he has been working as a "place for expression" while focusing on memories and records. We will also conduct business trip courses to nearby high schools and junior high schools and collaborative courses with Osaka University.
Exhibitions and performances: Yokohama Triennale 2014, Arts Maebashi "The Forest of Expression" (2016), Theatrical Festival of Birds (2016), Shin Ooka Word Hall "Kamagei is here!" (2017), Runbi Nii Art Museum "Well, this is the days of Kamagasaki University of the Arts" (2018).

"The idea lecture with which a place by the art is made vol.3" how to make in an art workshop-easy kitchen mint workshop-

Date and time: February 28 (Friday) 19:00 to 21:00
Lecturer: Toshiki Yabana
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Word Base
Inviting Mr. Toshiki Yabana, an educator at the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art and an elementary school teacher, introduces how to create a workshop where appreciation and production are integrated while reviewing the practice at the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art. You. After appreciating the works of Mitsuo Shigemura (image), a casting workshop that can be easily performed in the kitchen will be held.
[Capacity] 30 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)
[Participation fee]
Free course
Workshop material cost 500 yen


©Hajime Nakamura


Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1968, currently lives in Saitama City. Former Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art educator and metalworker.
From 2014 to 2016, he is in charge of the educational promotion project of the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art. We have designed and implemented a number of original workshops where children can enjoy the fun of appreciation and expression. In metalwork, he has been selected for the Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Japan Craft Exhibition, and Japan Jewelery Art Exhibition.

- Art challenge on Saturday -

Workshop to consider the relationship between expression and appreciation.
"How to write an easy new poems, as a seed of heart. Words for your life"
"Art appreciation laboratory vol.3-Art tour conductor"

Date and time: February 15 (Saturday)13:00 to 16:30
Lecturer: Kanayo Ueda + Seiji Shinohara (Curator, Ashikaga City Museum of Art)
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Word Base+ Exhibition Room
A workshop by Kanayo Ueda and Seiji Shinohara to consider the relationship between expression and appreciation. After experiencing the workshop of Ueda's poetry, through the workshop of Mr. Shinohara's appreciation, everyone will share and convey it and think about "making" and "seeing". Mrs. Ueda's workshop is a workshop where you can spend a relaxing time with a surprise voice saying "There is such a way to make poetry!" We talk politely, and when we realize we can write poems. Afterwards, in the final round of the "Art Appreciation Laboratory" by Shinohara, we not only convey what we have learned by watching art, but also create a program for appreciation that people who are new to art can also enjoy. I will try.
[Capacity] 50 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)

20200215a 20200215b

"Art workshops by SMF members for parents and children to enjoy"

Date and time:February 29 (Saturday)13:00 to 16:30
Venue: Former Omiya Library and Exhibition Room

One day to experience WS of SMF members who create exciting art venues in various places in Saitama! Choose your favorite WS from 2 types and join!
(If you are a 3rd grade elementary school student or younger, please join with parents.)


(1) "Let's enjoy the landmarks of Saitama City's 10 wards with miniature work!"
Lecturer: Noriko Kato (Sculpture writer, lecturer at after school on Saturday in Saitama City)
”Saitama City” has 10 attractive wards. Do you know all ward names? We make landmarks of each district which was deformed warmly and attach to mount of Saitama-shi. You can enjoy a small diorama packed with the characteristics of each area.
[Participation fee]
 Workshop material cost 200 yen
[Capacity] 40 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)


(2) "The future of Saitama will be born-Let's make Saitama!"
Lecturer: myauka (contemporary artist)
I hope that Saitama has such a thing, I want Saitama to become a city like this, and this is a workshop for making eggs that will create the future of Saitama. It is made by sticking Japanese paper on balloons. Finally, the light is turned on and the picture is covered. The final finishing will be done at home.
Towel to wipe your hands
[Participation fee]
Workshop material cost 500 yen
[Capacity] 20 people (application unnecessary, first come, first served)

For more information on each program, please see the syllabus below.