Release date:Oct. 30, 2020

"Deep Breath on Wednesday" will be held in ARTFULL Yume Mstsuri.

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"The 13th ARTFULL Yume Matsuri 2020" will be held on the outdoor special stage of the main site (former Omiya Ward Office). We will hold "Deep Breath on Wednesday in ARTFULL Yume Matsuri" as a collaboration project with "Deep Breathing Wednesday" of Saitama Art Center Project (SACP).

Key visual of "Deep Breath on Wednesday”.

About " ARTFULL Yume Matsuri".

"ARTFULL Yume Matsuri" is an outdoor music event that started in 2008. Under the theme of "everyone is the creator, everyone is the protagonist" with the aim of connecting people and the city with art centered on music, the event has become a lively season as an event created by the participants themselves. At its core, the idea of ​​"lively in the city with music!", Which was set forth by the parent "Seseragi Concert," is still being passed down.
SACP and the "Seseragi Concert" have also collaborated with the "Sightama Art Action Exhibition 2020" held at the Annex Site (formerly Omiya Library), and have shared ideas for energetic activities in the community. This time, we will bridge the creation of a place of expression that will continue after the Saitama Triennale 2020.

"Deep Breath on Wednesday in ARTFULL Yume Matsuri" Details.

[Event date] November 3rd (Tuesday / holiday) 16: 00-18: 00 (cancelled in stormy weather)
[Meeting place] Main site (former Omiya Ward office) Entrance (outdoor)
[How to participate] Free admission, no advance reservation required
* Please fill in the reception slip at the venue on the day of the event.
* Admission may be restricted depending on the congestion of the venue and the physical condition of the visitors.
[Performance] TANABE Akane, YOSHIO Yuki, KOBAYASHI Miki
* The "13th ARTFULL Yume Matsuri 2020" will be held at the entrance of the main site (former Omiya Ward Office) from 10:00 to 16:00. For more information, please visit the official website of the ARTFULL Yume Matsuri .

Performer profile


Born in 1990, from Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. Graduated from Saitama Prefectural High School, Nihon University College of Art, Department of Drama. Since she was in high school, she has appeared on many stages such as dances, songs, and plays of various genres. Currently, she is also active as a ballroom dance instructor and an active professional athlete.

tanabe akane


Born in 1995. Saxophonist from Saitama prefecture. Graduated from Prefectural Omiya Koryo High School Music Department, Musashino Academia Musicae Music Department Virtuoso Department. Good at contemporary music. The motto is creative. Received the 2nd (highest) prize at the 23rd Japanese Classical Music Competition National Convention.

yoshio yuki


Singer songwriter / composer
Born in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture. The songs that are close to people's hearts and the deep and transparent singing voice are highly supported. In 2019, the stage "刀剣乱舞慈伝日々の葉よ散るらむ" OP song strings arrangement, "夕-ゆう-" "あの星に願いを" is accompanied by the play. In the movie "wasted eggs", she was in charge of the theme song and drama accompaniment, and was nominated for the Tallinn Black Knights Film Festival. Continuing activities centered on healing people's hearts with scenic music

miki kobayashi