Art Proposals program

Sep. 12, 2020 - Nov. 15, 2020

Saitama City

Splash Sight:Art Proposals program

This is a program in which the Cultural and Artistic Activities organized in the city and the Executive Committee create an art festival together as a citizen-participating international art festival. Target projects are determined through public offering.

From the top left, JIA Saitama (Japan Institute of Architects Kanto Koshinetsu Branch Saitama Regional Association), SMF Saitama Muse Forum
From the bottom left, Fumi Koizumi, nationally registered tangible cultural property Futakiya, Yu Ohara

Country Registered Tangible Cultural Property Nikiya

Mariyana Angelic-Hymn of flowers in Nikiya-

At the National Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, Kaiseki Cuisine, and Nikiya, Serbian painter Marijana Angelic holds a Japanese painting exhibition that draws various motifs on the theme of "flowers" inspired by Japan's four seasons and climate.

Period: September 12 (Sat) - September 22 (Tue)

Venue: National Registered Tangible Cultural Property @ Nikiya (4-14-2 Oto, Chuo-ku)


SMF Saitama Muse Forum

SMF Treasure Ship Exhibition 2020

An exhibition where anyone can apply and participate in the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art as the main venue. There are performance works, art plan exchanges, etc. There is also an online exhibition space where you can express without creating actual works.

event date: February 24nd (Wed) -February 28nd (Sun), 2021

Venue:The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

JIA Saitama (Japan Association of Architects Kanto Koshinetsu Branch Saitama Regional Association)

JIA Saitama Space Design WorkshopJIA

At the Hyacinth House Square in Besshonuma Park, a workshop will be held in which citizens and architects can work together to create a space and experience the architecture.


Saturday, October 10th 10: 00-18: 00

Sunday, October 11th 10: 00-15: 45

Venue: Hyazinth House Square in Bessho-numa Park (4-12-10 Minami-ku Bessho, Saitama City)


Ohara Yu

G.F.A.S(Grate Fan of Art Sightama)

At the coffee shop “STAND COFFEE Kotokoto gallery-Ⓑ” with a gallery in Minami Ward, we will conduct a video work that allows you to experience the Saitama International Art Festival and a tour around the art festival.

Date: November 7th (Sat) -29th (Sun) 10: 00-18: 00

Venue: STAND COFFEE Kotokoto gallery-Ⓑ (2-7-12, Minamihonmachi, Minami-ku)

Koizumi aya

Gaze at the future that my father was looking at-Photos and Painting Exhibitions Close to Urawa-

At the photo studio "Staio 45'' in Urawa-ku, the scenery and life of the city of Urawa, Exhibition of family photos and related paintings.

Period: October 17th (Sat) -November 15th (Sun) * Open only on Saturdays and Sundays

Venue: Studio 45 (4-3-1 Takasago, Urawa-ku)