Splash Sight:Performance

©Sakura Kondo

* This performance has been canceled due to the spread of COVID-19.


Photo: Kazuya Kato

Established in 2008, FAIFAI is a theater group based in Tokyo. They engage in updating and developing the context of “theater” through accessing the forefront of ever-changing media and art, and continue to receive wide spread attention for their performances filled with lighthearted humor and messages of social awareness. Since 2009 they have expanded their practice to Asia and the EU, gaining international acclaim as the first Asian recepients of the “ZKB Patronage Prize 2010” at the Zurich Theater Spectacle for their work “My name is I LOVE YOU.” In addition to their theater productions, they are also critically acclaimed for performances outside of performing venues such as “CATFISH” (2017) that was performed in a hotel suite, the tour-style theater experience “Welcome Earthlings” (2016) and the Festival/Tokyo City Performance Series “GORILLA: What is Human?” (2017). PROJECT Page